Deliver great demos - without the tedious setup process

Create rich, reusable demo environments to bring your product demos to the next level without hours of setup. Ranger empowers your storytellers to bring out the best in their product in every demo opportunity.

Easy, code-free integration

Build and share the best stories for your product

Ranger allows your subject matter experts to easily create and share the best demos with your whole team. Give everyone the best tools for their opportunities with the click of a button.

Remove tedious demo setup
Take care of the hard part so your team can do what they do best
Application agnostic
Connect any OAuth2 application to build your demo paths
Evolve as you learn
Ranger provides flexibility to incorporate new learnings as quickly as you discover them

Here's how it works

Ranger hooks into demo accounts to keep content fresh and make demo setup simple

Set up your Ranger instance by connecting a demo environment through OAuth2.


Create the outline of your paths through available API endpoints (no code required).


Share paths with your whole team to spread best practices and reduce time-consuming setup.


Apply paths to your existing demo environments to tell your story and close more deals.

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